Zeolite-AV: An All Natural Supplement for Strengthening the Immune System

For those battling cancer, it is extremely important to keep the immune system as strong as possible. Despite the advancements in modern medicine, the immune system is truly our strongest line of defense against sickness. If it is constantly overworked in fighting off sickness and toxins, it becomes weakened and depleted. Eventually, sickness will overpower the immune system and spread throughout the body.

Furthermore, chemo and radiation therapies are devastating to the body and can damage the immune system, making the body open to further infections and disease. Additional invading illnesses can only work to destroy the immune system entirely, which could have a fatal outcome.

Therefore, it is absolutely critical that the immune system be strengthened. This can be done naturally by taking Zeolite AV by ZEO Health. Zeolite AV contains two ingredients, zeolite and humic acid, that help detox and boost the immune system.

Humic Acid

Zeolite-AV-printHumic acid is naturally found in soil, and is essential to our wellbeing for strengthening our immune system.  However, due to over farming, a great amount of humic acid has been depleted from the soil, and less and less is being found in our food supply.  For those suffering with cancer, humic acid is even more important because it provides precious nutrients to help the immune system fight infection, and in turn strengthen the body overall.

Humic acid also has an anti-viral effect. It helps eliminate viruses that are overlooked or unable to be removed by the immune system. It does this by coating fully grown viruses, preventing them from replicating in healthy cells. Once coated, the immune system recognizes the virus as a foreign substance, and will then attack and eliminate it from the body. The humic acid in Zeolite AV is a concentrated formula that is extremely potent. It is so potent, that it is used in Mexico as a pharmaceutical anti-flu medication.


The zeolite in Zeolite AV is a very pure potent form of micronized zeolite. It will detox by pulling heavy metals and other positively charged toxic chemicals out of the body, including radioactive materials. Heavy metals cause cells to breakdown and mutate. It is believed that a great majority of cancers are created by a build-up of heavy metals in the body.  These toxins make cellular molecules unstable, causing them to breakdown and create tumors. Once the cells have been cleaned out by zeolite, they can resume their normal functions and will not breakdown.

Anyone who has been through radiation therapy knows it takes a toll on your body.  These effects can be devastating, but with zeolite on your side, they don’t have to be so harsh.  Leftover radiation in your body will cause you to feel ill; removing these harmful particles will help you feel better quicker. This safe removal of toxins will not cause a healing crisis and will reduce your recovery time. Many cancer patients who take zeolite while undergoing radiation therapy claim that it helps them with nausea and chronic diarrhea. And since they are not vomiting or suffering from diarrhea, they are ultimately able to receive more nutrients from their food, and stay stronger throughout the process.

Zeolite also helps prevent viruses from growing by pulling pre-viral components out of cells. After fully grown viruses have injected their DNA into healthy cells, they eventually form into pre-viral components.  Zeolite helps pull these pieces out so they cannot transform into fully grown virus that will destroy the healthy cell.

More importantly, zeolite activates the P21 tumor suppressing gene. It is believed that this happens after the zeolite has sucked up and trapped a large amount of toxins, enough to change its natural charge from negative to slightly positive. It then moves into cells, where it activates the P21 gene. Though the science behind this is not completely known, zeolite is proven to stop the growth of and/or shrink tumors, while also reversing the spread of cancer throughout the body. No other substance on Earth is known to be this effective against cancer.

If Zeolite AV is So Great, Then Why Isn’t it Given to Cancer Patients by Doctors?

Zeolite and humic acid are both natural substances. In order to be considered a pharmaceutical drug in the US, a natural product must be physically altered in some way in order to regulate the occurence of natural variants. There was an unsuccessful attempt in the past to turn zeolite into a pharmaceutical medication by liquefying it. The process broken down the zeolite into various pieces, and turned it into a pool of harmful substances that no longer resembled zeolite.

The only way to obtain ingestible zeolite is through the health supplement industry. Zeolite AV is only made by ZEO Health, but can be purchased through other companies, such as Regal Supplements. Regal Supplements also gives discounts based on how much you purchase. If you are planning on using this product to help you through cancer treatment, you might want to consider purchasing through Regal Supplements since you will probably want to take the max dose of 4 capsules three times a day.

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