Why Isn’t Zeolite a Pharmaceutical Drug?

Since zeolite is so effective in fighting cancer, many people wonder why zeolite has not been used by the pharmaceutical companies and turned into an anti-cancer drug. The answer is simple—money!

Everyone knows that the pharmaceutical industry makes billions of dollars in revenue each year. If a drug can’t make money, then most likely it will never make it to market. Zeolite will never be used by pharmaceutical companies because it is a natural mineral found in the Earth, and therefore cannot be patented. If it cannot be patented, then it cannot make billions of dollars for a company. Zeolite will never be used by drug companies, and will continue to only be sold as a dietary health supplement. And it’s for this reason that many individuals will never recognize it as an actual medicine that can treat and cure cancer.


Zeolite was almost a medicine

While working for Lifelink Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Harvey Kaufman was developing a zeolite based cancer medication. If he could alter the orginal mineral state of zeolite, then he could patent it, and sell it as a pharmaceutical drug.  He decided to look into a way to liquefy zeolite so that it could be administered intravenously to cancer patients. In 2000, he filed a patent for his method of liquefying zeolite, which was approved in 2001. The patent was not issued for the zeolite itself, but for the method of liquefying it and the liquid form of zeolite.

In the end, Kaufman realized that liquefying zeolite ultimately destroyed the structure of the zeolite crystal and turned it into a pool of dangerous substances that would be harmful to the body. Although the liquefaction patent still exists, the concept of altering the crystaline mineral into another state was abandoned by the drug industry.


Why are there liquid zeolite supplements on the market?

Kaufman’s patent was licensed out to a company called Waiora, which created a “liquid zeolite” product called Natural Cellular Defense (NCD). Waiora used the patent as a method of giving their product credibility because it was created by scientists at a pharmaceutical company. However, the NCD product does not go through the liquefaction process established by Kaufman. It is merely water containing a minute amount of zeolite crystals. Sadly, it is because of Waiora and other liquid companies that zeolite supplements have been labeled as scams. Liquid zeolite supplements are usually sold for an extraordinary amount of money and consumers do not realize that they are purchasing mostly water and not zeolite.


Can any “liquid zeolite” products be trusted?

Not many since they are mostly water and barely contain any zeolite. Yet, if you were taking “liquid zeolite” supplements in the past, and like the convenience of a liquid supplement, then please consider Zetox by Regal Supplements. It is a zeolite suspension product, that contains a large amount of zeolite, Vitamin B-12, and Vitamin D-3. It is the only “liquid” zeolite suspension that can currently be trusted. Please only take Zetox if you are only taking zeolite as a daily detoxifier, and not to help heal a health issue!


DO NOT take liquids to help health issues!

In order to help detoxify the body and help a health issue, such as cancer, only a high quality zeolite powder or capsule product should be taken. Zeolite powder or capsules will allow you to ingest larger zeolite dosages, which will increase detoxification rates and fight against cancer. Please consider ZEO Health for any powder and capsule zeolite products. This company makes a number of products focused on improving health, and has the purest zeolite on the market.

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