Destroxin: A Natural Product Designed to Help Those Suffering with Cancer

Destroxin is an all-natural product, containing zeolite, calcium carbonate, and Vitamin B-12. This product was designed with cancer patients in mind who are receiving chemo and/or radiation therapy. To understand how this product is tailored towards cancer patients, we must examine each ingredient and its function.


destroxinZeolite is a natural mineral, which is a proven detoxifier of heavy metals, radioactive particles and other toxins. Toxins are attributed to the formation of cancer in a couple different ways. First off, they are acidic, and as they build up in the body, they throw off pH balance and cause acidosis (acidic blood). Sickness and disease can only grow in an acidic environment. Once the zeolite removes the acidic toxins, the body’s pH balance is naturally restored, preventing sickness and disease from growing. Additionally, heavy metals and other toxins have been identified as the root cause for the formation of cancer and other disease. They make cells molecules dysfunctional and unstable, which breakdown and mutate cells. Yet, once the zeolite has removed these toxic materials, cells are able to stabilize and resume normal functions.

Zeolite is an alkaline mineral. As long as it is taken every day, it will keep the blood alkaline and the pH balanced. For a cancer patient, or anyone else battling sickness, it is essential to always keep the blood as alkaline as possible. Thus, a high dose of zeolite should be taken three times a day, with each dose at least 6 hours apart. By consuming this large quantity of zeolite over the course of the day, it will constantly be flowing throughout your body, keeping the blood in an alkaline state, preventing the cancer from growing and spreading.

Moreover, zeolite has the ability to activate the P21 gene, which suppresses tumor growth. It is believed that the zeolite, after traveling through the body and sucking up toxins, becomes slightly positively charged. When this happens, it is actually absorbed by cancerous cells, and will then activate the P21 tumor suppressing gene, stifling any further tumor growth.

The zeolite used in Destroxin has been proven in clinical studies to be the most pure and potent zeolite on the market. Purity and potency are essential for detoxification, especially concerning serious health conditions, such as cancer.


Calcium, like zeolite, is an alkaline mineral. The calcium in Destroxin is calcium carbonate, which is not for absorption, but rather is great for restoring pH balance as it travels through the body.  It was strategically added to the product to boost the alkalinity of the blood even further.

In addition, cancer patients often experience nausea and diarrhea during radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The calcium in Destroxin is a tremendous help in settling upset stomachs and hardening stools for those going through these treatments. (Zeolite is also extremely helpful with controlling diarrhea, since it absorbs extra water from the bowels.)

Vitamin B-12

Chemo therapy and radiation treatments can take an immense toll on the body. Fatigue and depression are common side effects. Vitamin B-12 was added to Destroxin to help combat these draining effects, and to aid in giving the extra energy needed during the healing process and to restore health. Furthermore, the B-12 also helps keeps the zeolite and calcium flowing and circulating throughout the body.

Destroxin Dosage

The directions on the bottle suggest taking 6 capsules, three times a day for the first day, and then 2 capsules twice a day thereafter. This is a good dose for maintaining a detox, NOT for someone who is suffering with cancer.

For a health issue, such as cancer, it is suggested that at least 15 grams of zeolite is consumed throughout the day. For Destroxin, this would be 5 capsules, three times a day.  This dose should be continued until your health is restored. At this dosage, one bottle of Destroxin will last six days.

Alternative Doses

New-ZPMany people may be concerned about the price of the Destroxin if 5 capsules are taken three times a day. You can make the bottle of Destroxin last longer if you substitute 1 to 2 doses with Zeolite Pure. Zeolite Pure contains nothing but the same pure, potent zeolite that is found in Destroxin. One container of Zeolite Pure has about 90 servings.

You can take 5 capsules of Destroxin twice a day (in the morning and the afternoon) and 1 scoop (5 grams) of Zeolite Pure once a day (each dose spaced out about 6 hours apart). At this rate, one bottle of Destroxin will last 9 days and one container of the Zeolite Pure will last 90 days.

You can also take 5 capsules of Destroxin once a day (in the morning or the afternoon) and 1 scoop (5 grams) of Zeolite Pure twice a day. At this rate, one bottle of Destroxin will last 18 days and one container of the Zeolite Pure will last 45 days.

ZEO Health and Regal Supplements both sell Destroxin and Zeolite Pure. Depending upon how much you purchase and where you live, you may want to compare costs and shipping amounts.

Cost and Purchasing Details

Destroxin contains 90 capsules to each bottle. One bottle costs $24.99, while one container of Zeolite Pure is $59.99. ZEO Health offers free shipping over $125. You can also purchase the products through Regal Supplements, which gives discounts for purchasing larger quantities and free shipping on purchases over $149.

Importance of Product Quality

Some individuals may be concerned about the cost of purchasing these products on a long term basis, and also while paying for expensive medical bills. Many look for more inexpensive zeolite products, but not all products are the same. Potency is linked to purity; the more pure the product, the more potent and effective it is. There are many zeolite products that come from commercial mines and contain contaminants. These types of zeolites might do more harm than good to your body, as these dangerous toxic materials could potentially be released into the body. Please trust only ZEO Health products produced by ZEO Health for your health supplement needs. Their zeolite is the most pure on Earth, and is considered pharmaceutical grade (meaning the quality is so high it could be used in manufacturing pharmaceutical drugs). It is further cleaned for any impurities, and is then micronized so that it can travel though every tiny crevice in the body. Other supplement companies do not bother investing the time and extra money into delivering their customers zeolite of such quality as ZEO Health does.


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