Wireless Technology and Electromagnetic Radiation: A Potential Source of Cancer

As our world changes and technology improves, life becomes easier. But there might be a lot of negative trade-offs for these modern conveniences. Many of our commonly used gadgets and appliances, such as cell phones, wireless routers, microwave ovens, cordless phones, televisions and x-ray machines, may be damaging our health because of the electromagnetic radiation they omit.

There are two types of electromagnetic radiation: ionizing and non-ionizing. Non-ionizing radiation (NIR) does not remove any electrons from molecules whereas ionizing radiation (IR) does.  While IR radiation is known to increase the development of cancer, the full effects of NIR are unknown, yet can still be associated with a higher risk of cancer.

NIR can excite (or heat) an electron to a higher energy state, but does not remove the electron from its molecule. An example of this is solar radiation, which can cause heat damage as exhibited by sunburn. The light from the Sun causes molecular damage to the skin through a chemical reaction when ultraviolet radiation is absorbed.  However at a lower undetectable temperature NIR can still cause damage through other means, such as through microwaves and radiowave radiation.

In contrast to NIR, IR will rob an atom or molecule of its excited electron, yet will not heat the molecule.  This process can break chemical bonds and alter the molecules, possibly rendering them harmful within the body.  X-rays are a perfect example of IR, they do not emit heat yet can cause serious damage within your body.  IR is also found in nature, rocks that are mined can be radioactive, and cosmic rays from space that reach Earth are undetected by humans without sensitive equipment.

Although much of our wireless technology uses non-ionizing radiation, and not ionizing radiation, it doesn’t mean that it poses a potential threat to our health. Since cell phones use NIR in the lower temperature microwave range, people are exposed to harm without knowing it.  Continuously putting the phone to your ear causes short concentrated bursts of radiation to your head and neck tissues.  Children are especially at risk since their bodies are still growing and developing.  There is little to no research on what this new technology can do to their developing bodies or if the effects will be life-long.

A recent study showed that brain tissue metabolized more glucose on the same side where people used a cell phone for 50 minutes than on the other side of the brain.  The researchers noted that the effects of this glucose metabolism are unknown, yet these findings are still cause for concern.  Although there is no conclusive evidence that cell phones in particular will cause cancer, there is still a reason to take precautions.  For example, lead based paint was once thought to be free of harm and very useful in creating vibrant much-desired colors. Later, it was proven to be an effective killer of adults and children alike.  If lead had been shown to cause biological harm earlier, it most likely would not have been used, sparing many from a painful illness and untimely death.

Every wireless device you own emits a small amount of radiation.  Using items such as cellphones, microwaves, remote controls, televisions, cordless phones and any other household devices in small amounts can produce no effects, but in this day and age, we all continuously use these itemson a daily basis.  These small doses can add up to a lot over a lifetime, and ultimately cause cancer.  Our children are especially at risk.  Not only are their developing bodies susceptible to the damaging effects of undetectable low-level radiation, they will have a much longer exposure period to an ever increasing amount of radiation emitting devices.

How Can We Protect Ourselves?

For years scientists and researchers have known that zeolite successfully removes radiation from soil and water.  More recently, the medical community has shown that zeolite can remove these harmful radioactive materials from the body.  When taken as a food supplement, the micronized form of pure clinoptilolite zeolite has been proven to bond with and neutralize the effects of radioactive particles.

Daily exposure to ionizing or non-ionizing radiation, that of cell phones, x-rays, etc., needs daily combat.  Quality zeolite supplements can be taken indefinitely without harm.  Fighting cancer isn’t a onetime thing, continual maintenance is necessary for staying healthy in this ever more convenient world of ours.

As always, it is recommended to take ZEO Health brand supplements.  They started their company after hearing about the Russian government using zeolite laced cookies to remove radiation from the victims of the Chernobyl disaster.   This prompted the company to do extensive research into the properties and benefits of zeolite, testing many different types, and ultimately finding the safest, purist zeolite in the world.  ZEO Health is the frontrunner of zeolite manufacturers and continues to provide excellent products and service.


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