Microwaves and Radiation

How do microwave ovens work?

Inside a Microwave
The magnetron is what creates electromagnetic energy within the microwave.

“Mircowaves” are essentially a form of irradiated energy waves, which are very short and travel at the speed of light. In microwave ovens, this type of electromagnetic radiation is produced inside the appliance by an electron tube called a magnetron. Within this tube, electrons are excited by a magnetic and electric fields, which produce micro-wavelengths of radiation. In general, wavelengths change polarity, oscillating from positive to negative, millions of times within a second. In microwave ovens, wave lengths agitate the water molecules in food, causing them to rotate millions of times within a second based on their polarity. As the water molecule moves faster and faster, friction (heat) and steam are created, which then heats up the food from the inside.


Microwaves and Radiation

While this electromagnetic radiation is absorbed by foods, it can pass through glass, paper, plastic, and is reflected by metal.  When the microwave is in use, radiation can potentially leak out of the machine. This occurs if your microwave oven’s door is not properly sealed. The seal could be damaged during manufacturing, from slamming it too often, dirt build-up around the seal, or just wear and tear from everyday use.

What makes this potential radiation exposure so threatening is the fact that damaged seals cannot be detected, so it is virtually impossible to know if your microwave is leaking out any radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is extremely dangerous because it is easily absorbed by not only food, but also by your  skin.


What Can Be Done?

When absorbed, the radiation will affect your living tissue, just as it does any food that you might heat up. Although the FDA sets and enforces standards for microwave ovens, it is impossible to know if you have purchased a microwave with a damaged seal or it may be hard to visually tell if the seal has become damaged over time. It is for this reason that you should stand at least several feet away from any microwave in use. This way, if there is any leak of electromagnetic waves from the oven, there will be no chance of exposure to your body’s tissues. Also, never operate the microwave if the door does not firmly close, if it is bent or warped, or if it is damaged in any way.

You can also take a daily dose of zeolite, which will neutralize any free radicals in your body that have been created by electromagnetic radiation, and help prevent the formation of cancerous cells. Zeolite has been known to remove radiation from the body for decades. During the Three Mile Island Disaster, it was poured around the reactors, and was recently dropped into the sea following the Fukushima meltdown, in order to help absorb radiation. It was feed to victims of the Chernobyl accident to absorb as much radiation from their bodies as possible. Thus, taking a daily dose of zeolite will eliminate any radiation, including the electromagnetic radiation produced by microwaves, that has been absorbed by your body’s cells.

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