Radioactive Fallout

We live in an age in which exposure to nuclear radiation is unavoidable. Each time a country tests a nuclear bomb (formerly above ground, currently below ground) or there is any sort of nuclear disaster, radioactive material is released into the air. Then it spreads across the world and seeps into our food and water supplies. Eventually, this radiation finds its way into our bodies. Once ingested, the radiation does not leave. It is trapped in our cells, and begins to mutate and alter our DNA, which can lead to the formation of diseases, such as cancer.  Taking zeolite based health supplements can prevent caused by absorbed radiation.


The Use of Zeolite during Nuclear Disasters

Zeolite being used to absorb radiation from seawaters.
Bags of zeolite being sent to the bottom of the sea outside of the Fukushima power plant.

The miraculous ability of zeolite to absorb radiation has been known for decades. After the Three Mile Island disaster of 1979, zeolite was dumped on the land and into the water to help remove radioactive waste. Then in 1986, during the infamous Chernobyl nuclear meltdown, again, zeolite was dumped into the ground, around the reactors, to absorb as much radiation as possible. But this time, the use of zeolite was taken a step further and was fed to people and livestock as a means of removing as the radiation from their bodies. As recently as 2011, zeolite was used in a desperate attempt to absorb radiation in the seawaters surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Furthermore, countless Japanese citizens have been ingesting zeolite supplements to protect themselves from absorbing dangerous levels of radioactivity.


The Threat of Nuclear Fallout

Click picture to view video of how nuclear fallout is spread by winds.

Nuclear fallout is when radioactive material is propelled into the upper atmosphere following a nuclear blast. Winds carry this radioactive residue thousands of miles across the globe. Then these harmful toxins rain down to Earth. It’s called “fallout” because the radioactive material essentially falls out of the sky and lands up in soil, crops, water supplies, and the air we breathe. It never goes away, and we constantly ingest it over the years, and even decades, to come.

The explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi nulcear power plant blasted radioactive particles miles up into the atmoshpere.

Every time there is a radiation threat, such as bomb testing or a nuclear power plant leak, there is a surge in radioactivity in food and water supplies.  For example, the Fukushima nuclear power plant explosion that took place on March 11, 2011 is still affecting people all over the world. Shortly after the tsunami devastated the power plant, a hydrogen explosion sent radioactive particles miles up into the air. Those most affected by these particles are people living in the United States and Canada. The winds blew this radioactive fallout thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean to the North American continent, polluting land and water.


Winds from Japan
Winds from Japan spread nuclear fallout

Radioactive material does not disintegrate. Although it’s been a year since the Fukashima meltdown, radioactivity is still sitting in the soil, being absorbed by crops and grass, ingested by livestock that eat the crops and grass, and absorbed by humans who eat the livestock and crops. The final stop in this chain of transferring radioactivity is our bodies. Radioactive material sits in our cells, mutating and ripping apart our DNA. Japan may seem like a million miles away for many of us, but we can still measure the effects of the Fukushima disaster.


Radioactivity Lying Dormant  

Strontium-90 is a by-product of the fission of uranium and plutonium in nuclear reactors and weapons. Evidence of strontium-90 in food indicates that there is also radiation in food. This graph shows the correlation between nuclear bomb testing and strontium-90/radiation found in milk.

The threat of absorbing radioactive material will not go away any time soon. This is clear from the situation Germany is facing with a surge in radioactive wild boar. Over 25 years ago, the radioactive fallout from Chernobyl rained down on southern Germany, and settled into forest soils. Today, vegetation in these soils is still radioactive. When the wild boars eat these plants, they in turn become radioactive. Hunters need to test the radioactive levels of the boar before they can be sold at market. This ensures that radioactivity is not passed on to humans. This concept translates to the Fukashima meltdown and reminds us of why we need to mindful of our toxic intake. Radioactive matter will be found in our food supplies for decades to come.


Protection against Radioactive Fallout

There seems to be no avoiding the absorption of radioactivity, and once ingested, radiation does not easily leave our bodies. We cannot stop nuclear disasters from occurring, foreign lands from testing bombs, or radioactive fallout from contaminating our food supplies. But we can protect ourselves by using zeolite supplements every day to rid the body of any radioactive particles that were ingested. Zeolite works on a cellular level to attract toxic radioactive particles, trap them, and expel them out of the body safely. If taken on a regular basis, zeolite will protect against radiation building up in our cells, the mutation of our DNA, and ultimately cancer and other radiation related diseases.

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