Prevent and Fight Cancer with Zeolite

We ALL have cancer! Cancer cells are forming, growing, and eating away at our bodies every second of the day. Usually, these cells are often attacked and destroyed by our immune system. But sometimes our bodies do not recognize these abnormal cancer cells growing out of control, and this is when cancer becomes life-threatening or even deadly. Billions of dollars are spent every year on finding “cures” for cancer, but modern medicine has yet to heal all. Although cancer treatments and therapies have vastly improved through the decades, the focus is on treating the illness and not preventing it!

A couple years ago, I found out about this miraculous mineral that helps fight cancer and prevents it from forming. It’s called zeolite, and it’s formed naturally over millions of years from volcanic ash and salt water. It is very porous and has a negative charge. When consumed, the zeolite pulls positively charged toxic molecules out of the cells. These toxic materials are what cause cells to mutate and cancer to fo. But zeolite helps stop cancer from ever getting a chance to form by pulling the toxic materials out of the cells.

Also, zeolite helps balance your body’s pH level. Toxic materials, such as mercury, lead, and radiation, are positively charged and create an acidic environment in the body. Foreign cells grow in an acidic environment– meaning this is the perfect environment for cancer to flourish. So when your pH balance is off, cancer can grow! Zeolite keeps your body’s pH in check by pulling out the toxic materials, which keeps it out of an acidic state—which means NO CANCER!

In addition, zeolite has an ability unlike any other substance on Earth. In studies, it was discovered that zeolite has the ability to move into cancer cells and activate the P21 gene. This gene has the ability to suppress the growth of tumors. This means that zeolite can stop and help reverse the growth of cancer!

This blog is dedicated to explaining the natural and man-made forms of cancer causing agents that we are all exposed to everyday! I hope you find it informative and helpful! But it’s also to show how zeolite can work to prevent and stop cancer from ever forming.  If you take any knowledge away from reading what I wrote, PLEASE just remember that cancer can be PREVENTED and SUPPRESSED by simply taking a daily dose of zeolite each day!

Also before you go out and buy any zeolite supplements, please, please, please, please DO NOT USE a LIQUID ZEOLITE product! They are mostly water and not enough zeolite to make a different in improving your health! Companies who make these supplements are playing off your situation and compromising your health so that they can make a profit! PLEASE USE A POWDERED from of ZEOLITE! You will get the largest qualities possible with powdered forms of zeolite, which will work fast to rid your body of toxic materials and surrpress cancerous cells. I suggest looking at Zeo Health’s products. They are the orginial manufactures of zeolite supplements, and have high quality products which truly focus on improving health.

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